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Full Movie: My Son's Fiancee

My Son's Fiancee

Ryan Mclane has been running around the house cleaning all day! He's a single man, and he wants his home to be spotless for when he meets his son and his new fiancee. He's surprised to find Whitney, his son's fiancee, has come alone. He has dinner with Whitney and finds the beautiful young woman charming, intelligent, and lovely. She seems conservative, her family is very religious, although there is an undertone of seduction in their conversation, and he feels guilty for thinking about her, his son's soon-to-be wife, in a sexual way. Later that night Whitney makes her move while Ryan's in bed. Ryan rejects her. Whitney comes up with a scheme to make him feel sorry for her. Watch the story unfold...

Released:Jun 03, 2019
Length:53 min

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