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Full Movie: Tazed & Confused: An Electrosluts Feature

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Full Movie: Tazed & Confused: An Electrosluts Feature

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Full Movie: Tazed & Confused: An Electrosluts Feature

Tazed & Confused: An Electrosluts Feature

"Ever feel so fed up with life that you dream of doing terrible, horrible things to your superiors? Your mind spins with evil thoughts of taking these people down and if the entire facility came with, well that would just be an added bonus. In this feature blonde bombshell Lorelei Lee and sexy vixen Gia DiMarco live out this fantasy, Electrosluts Style!!

Required to take English tutoring for failing their English 101 class, Lorelei and Gia could care less about their studies. They feel that their looks will get them much farther in life. They are sick and tired of their professor, Syren de Mer, beating the literature over theirs heads. However, the real trouble starts when professor de Mer demands the girls to come to the front of the room and read their books aloud. Little does she know that these girls have a very special book they've been reading and Syren is about to get a lesson from the book of Electrosluts!

When the girls are caught defiling their professor by Deen Simone Sonay they don't skip a beat and hustle these two sexy collegiate MILFS off to the dirty public bathroom. Gagged with towels trapped to their faces, the women are made to clean the disgusting toilets students use day in and day out while their insatiable students fuck their holes with electricity and their firsts, WRIST DEEP!

By the end Professor Syren and Deen Simone are versed in a special kind of lesbian electro BDSM that they will never forget!"

Released:Jul 28, 2020
Director:Bobbi Starr
Length:48 min

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