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Full Movie: Sister's Bad Date

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Full Movie: Sister's Bad Date

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Sister's Bad Date

ack (Nathan Bronson) received a frantic phone call from his younger 19 year old step-sister, Maeve (Lily Larimar). She's at a college house party and has locked herself in the bathroom and wants to be picked up. He goes into the house party and meets this aloof meat-head who tells him that "she completely 'lost it,' locked herself in and won't come out."

Jack takes Maeve to his condo, she says that she doesn't want to go home, not until the morning. She's asked him to call their step-parents and tell them that she's going to play tennis with Jack and that she'd be home in the morning. Jack hates to lie to his parents and he won't do it unless she promises to tell him everything that went on at that party. She agrees and tells him how the boy she thought she was in love with 'crossed the line' with her, she was so afraid of him that she locked herself in the bathroom. Jack was surprised and disappointed that Maeve has got herself into a situation like that. What if he wasn't around to help her? Maeve smiles warmly at him, "you're always here for me."

Jack stays up to watch a movie, his mind is buzzing with the awful tale that Maeve just told him. Maeve wants to sit up late with him, to watch the movie with him. She snuggles in his warm, protective, big arms, and she nuzzles her perfectly pert ass against his crotch. She begs him to rub her, rub her back, lower, and lower. She feels his cock grow. Jack's mind races, his body conflicting with his mind, he knows what he wants to do is not what he should. Maeve moans seductively, she looks back at him, she wants him, she trusts him. She wants her first time to be with a man she loves and trusts.

Watch the story unfold..

Released:May 24, 2021
Length:57 min

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