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Three highly-charged, provocative tales of sex and sensibility from the award-winning magazine Libido! Read More

Studio: Libido Films

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Three highly-charged, provocative tales of sex and sensibility from the award-winning magazine Libido!

  • Not So Tender Is the Night:
    A handsome, full-of-himself construction foreman falls into an elaborate trap set by a beautiful woman bent on teaching him a lesson in sexual etiquette.

  • Close Encounters of the Sophie Kind:
    A young feminist laywer approaches a well-known writer of erotica to convence her of the error of her ways. Surprisingly, she learns that self-discovery can indeed be the quintessential aphrodisiac.

  • Fantasies Impromptu:
    A successful CEO is powerfully aroused by ideas she thinks most inappropriate. After confessing her ideas to her boyfriend, she finds herself living out the very fantasy she always has been embarrassed to admit.
  • Runtime (Stream, Download): 160 minutes

    Studio: Libido Films

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    Professional Reviews
    - April 1, 2000
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    This video, like LIBIDO magazine itself, depends for its erotic impact on its words as much as its images. Maybe more. Marianna Beck, a LIBIDO publisher and co-director, introduces the three vignettes: the first involves power games between stud James Bonn and assertive Tristan Taormino; the second pits porn-negative lawyer Amy Jo Goddard (herself a LIBIDO editor) against porn writer Carol Queen; and the closer has Mickey G. teaching Shanna McCullough that to be a good Top, you have to be a good bottom - and then finding that she's learned the lesson quite well.The film-look video is expertly lensed by Jane Waters (Gloria Leonard's quip that the difference between erotica and pornography is the lighting is well-illustrated here), occasional cameos by Candida Royalle, Michele Capozzi and Betty Dodson (who is also represented by an exquisite pencil drawing framed on a wall), and thought-provoking material will please those who are as interested in mental interactions as they are in genital interactions. Mostly softcore with occasional penetration shots, but this isn't a cheat - the sexuality here is concentrated from the neck up....

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