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What is Feminist Porn? - Interview with Jackie Strano

My definition: Feminist Porn is when you see that the partner getting penetrated is experiencing a fully embodied orgasm and having intense pleasure in a non-traditional/industry-type formulaic cookie-cutter scripted way. [Read More]

Porn Star XXXposure – Buck Angel

Being the world’s first female-to-male transsexual porn star, almost everything he does is ground-breaking, history-making and eye-opening. Undaunted by the fact that, at first, most people really didn’t know how to take him; Buck got over on a lot of skeptics by sheer determination and having faith in himself. [Read More]

An Interview with the Legendary Susie Bright: Looking Back at the Changing Face of Porn

It's always such a pleasure to chat with Susie Bright. I think it's fair to say that she's had more of an influence on the development of sex-positive porn than almost anyone else. With the upcoming Indie Erotic Film Fest event with her on September 17, I thought it'd be fun to ask her some questions about the history of porn. [Read More]

The Politics of Porn: An Interview with Coyote Days

At Good Vibrations we take our porn seriously, which results in a great selection, but also leaves a lot of customers wondering why we choose to carry certain titles and not others. In order to get to the bottom of the situation I sat down with Good Vibrations Senior Buyer, Coyote Days, to find out how porn gets from the studios to our shelves. [Read More]

Looking Back at Dyke Porn, Part 1: An Interview with Jackie Strano

Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour were among the very first folks making dyke porn and things sure have changed since then. So I thought it'd be fun to ask the two of them to tell us a bit about their experiences. We'll hear from Shar later. [Read More]

What Does “Porn for Women” Mean? An Interview with Jacky St. James

We hear a lot of people asking for different kinds of porn, but there aren't too many folks who are actually doing something to make it happen. Jacky St. James is taking it on! [Read More]

Snow Day! Aurora Snow Talks About Porn, Kink, and Life

A few weeks back, Aurora Snow wrote a piece for the Daily Beast article, in which she discussed her career in porn and what her life as a performer has been like. It was great to see another porn insider talk about both the great things and the not-so-great things about the industry and her candid views make for a fascinating read. [Read More]

Dick Ho: An Interview with Jeffrey Lei on Straight Asian American Men in Porn

My search for Asian American representation in porn brought me to a film entitled Dick Ho: Asian Male Porn Star. Cleverly billed as a documentary, the film stars its director Jeffrey Lei as a legendary 1970's porn actor who mysteriously vanished (along with all footage or other evidence of the performer in action). Dick Ho: Asian Male Porn Star is hilariously accessible while probing at an industry's lack of attention towards Asian American masculinity. Is it lack of a market or a larger conspiracy? You decide… [Read More]

Queer Porn, Authentic Sex, and Grad School: An Interview with Dylan Ryan

It's always a pleasure to get to talk with Dylan Ryan. She's smart, sassy and sexy- what more could you ask for? [Read More]