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Dog Bone Gone Wrong

That’s my DICK. Whether or not it’s attached to my body, it feels disturbing to have it laying in crumbles around my feet. An elderly mutt chewed up and spit out my pride and joy, and now I’m left floating around a shitty fucking creek without a paddle or my dick. The sick thing is that my old harness broke after a decade just a few months ago. It was a sex-equipment massacre, and it all began right after I moved to NY. You may be thinking that this city has nothing to do with it, and that maybe it’s just bad luck, or the fact that I’ve had my gear for longer than all of my relationships have lasted. But I stand by my accusation. New York provides me with delicious ice cream, foldable cheese pizza, a hot as fuck girlfriend, but it also doesn’t want me to get laid. [Read More]

Pregnant with Desire

A few months before she herself got pregnant, Madison directed the documentary Pregnant with Desire. Featuring many of her friends, it shows, as explains Madison, "how couples can stay connected while they're pregnant and how sexualities change and how bodies and people's feelings about their own bodies change, how they feel like beautiful sexual beings during their pregnancy — but without exploiting or fetishizing them." [Read More]

Roulette - Toronto

"The things I love about queer porn were definitely present here. Genderqueerness. Body variety. Laughing during sex. Body hair. Body fluids. Negotiation/communication being seen during sex. Kinky play. Camera angles that show the connection, not just pink bits. All really nice. And this is the second time Courtney has suggested in porn the idea of women being sex work clients, which I really, really like- it’s about time women saw themselves as potential consumers within the sex industry."

"So, yeah, I liked this "Roulette" a lot, and definitely would recommend watching it. It’s very girl-heavy, so if that’s what you want from your queer porn, this would be a good one to check out! Plus it might be a little more accessible to the queer girl with a straight boyfriend- this may change his tastes a bit. ;) It’s also really fun to see the video diaries- the behind the scenes really makes this special for me, because you really feel included, like you know these people and are sharing their hot sexytimes. That rocks. I loved the moment where Dylan tells April "you totally squirted!" and April looks surprised and apologizes - Dylan say "no, don’t apologize, it was incredible!" and they both just look so delighted… it’s really touching."

- Kitty Stryker

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Going Down - The Official Guide To Cunnilingus

"What I loved about this video: Dr. Carol Queen's explanation of the vulva and its anatomy with the vulva puppet (I think they are positively beautiful!). I was particularly enamoured by her expression, her frankness and her warmth in the video. Dr. Queen encourages you to understand, explore and appreciate the complexity that is female arousal and anatomy."

"The candid interviews with various men and women and why they enjoy cunnilingus. Having that type of frank and open dialogue only makes it more acceptable to have these discussions in our own lives and with our own partners."

"The inclusivity - gender, sexual orientation, race, age, and body types of all kinds are included in the interviews as well as the incredibly arousing segments with the couples."

- Dangerous Liaisons

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Kimberly Kane's Mandy Candy

"With its less than 80 minutes, Mandy Candy makes a brilliant case for the age-old postulate that quality will always trump quantity. An ode to the very beautiful Mandy Morbid, Candy is as visually striking as its punk-pixie star, and by an equal degree erotic."

- AVN AAAA 1/2 Review by Peter Warren

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